How can I update the correct inventory in a Microsoft Excel file after a Shopify order?

I use an Excel file to track my Shopify inventory. Since Shopify isn't the only channel we sell through, how can I update the correct inventory in an Excel file after a Shopify order?

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Hi @Thefloristwrapshop 

Try these Zap steps:

  1. Trigger: Shopify - New Paid Order
  2. Action: Looping - Create Loop from Line Items
    1. Used to handle line items in orders
    2. Map data points about the line items from step 1
  3. Action: Excel - Find Row
    1. Map data out from Step 2
  4. Action: Formatter >. Numbers > Perform Math Operation
    1. Use the existing Inventory for the Row found in Step 2
    2. Use the line item qty from Step 2
  5. Action: Excel - Update Row
    1. Map the Row ID from Step 2
    2. Map output from Step 4
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Hi @Thefloristwrapshop I did e-commerce for more than 10 years and understand this painpoint. Troy’s suggested flow is one way to go about it.

I think it would help if you share a bit more about how your existing excel or gsheet is structured as every merchant has their own workflows. Do you list out the inventory by item and by channel in each column? Do you want a direct update of the inventory amount or do you want the cell to show the “deducted” inventory amount and do the calculation in the sheet?