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Halt Zap if Row is found.

  • 1 July 2020
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I have a zap that sends an automated text if someone calls but does not leave a message.  Sort of a “Sorry we missed your call ...” message

Sometimes people call/hang-up/call again and I don’t want to be a pest by sending them the automated text each time.  

My thought was to create a google sheet w/ a log of the phone numbers that have been texted, then check that sheet and only continue if the number is not found.

So …
Trigger - Call received
Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
If Row exists - terminate

If Row does not exist
     Send Text
     Add Row to Spreadsheet with phone #

However, this doesn’t seem to work.   If the row doesn’t exist, it terminates.  Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?


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@kenser Try adding a filter step right after the step that searches for a row in the spreadsheet. The filter step should check and let the zap continue running only if the spreadsheet step output doesn’t have a phone number.

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The problem was it was stopping execution totally if no row was found … so it wouldn’t have gone to the filter step.   

I figured out a work around.   

Trigger - Call received
Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
If Row does not exist - create it and set count (column) to 1
If Row exists - increment count

Filter If Count =1  Send Text

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Thanks for sharing the workaround with us, @kenser!