Google calendar local holiday dates to RSS Feed

  • 14 October 2023
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Recently found this website, looks like i maybe do right things but custom RSS URL no matter what i put (i do what description say right.. but still it say red.. something wrong not sure what.. because i can’t remove that grey example address or what..


could someone help do this so i want my local holiday dates to rss feed, how i can do that?

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6 replies

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Hi @Makezu 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to help us have context.

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Hi @Makezu, welcome to the Community! 🙂

It sounds like you might be using a Create Item in Feed (RSS by Zapier) action and seeing a “Enter a valid value” message in red, is that correct? 

If so, you’ll want to type in a keyword or value of some kind to customise the existing feed URL that is present in that Feed URL field. This is to help identify the different RSS feeds that you create, essentially it’s like creating a unique name for the feed.

For example if I set up a Zap to add items to my RSS feed for orange related news I could use the keyword orange which would get rid of the “Enter a valid value” message:

Then later, if I set up another Zap to add items relating to apples into a different rss feed, I’d add the word apple into the Feed URL field in the new Zap. You’re not limited to just letters though. You can use whatever combination of letters, numbers, and hyphens works best for you when naming the feed.

Can you give that a try and let us know how you get on?

sorry for late answer, i got it works now. How i can put local holiday dates? when i copied that google calendar url it did not worked.


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Yay! I’m so glad that sorted that part, @Makezu! 😁

When you say “when i copied that google calendar url it did not worked”, are you expecting it to import all the existing public holiday events in your Google Calendar? The Zap won’t automatically import all the events if you select the Google Calendar URL when setting up the RSS by Zapier action. Each time the Zap runs for a new event it would be added to the RSS feed individually.

To have Google Calendar event details for those local holiday dates added as new items you’d want to select the relevant fields from the Google Calendar trigger that contain those details. For example:

If I’m misunderstanding the issue here can you please send over some screenshots to help show the current setup of the Zap. In particular it would be helpful to see what fields and settings have been selected for that RSS by Zapier action. Please remember to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from the screenshot before sharing here. 

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!

currently this. 


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Thanks for sending over that screenshot @Makezu. And apologies for the delay in a reply here!

It looks like the values in the Source URL and Content fields have been copied and pasted in, rather than selecting the relevant fields from the Google Calendar trigger. This will mean that every time the Zap runs and adds a new item to the RSS feed those values will be the same every time - see our Why is my Zap action adding the same data each time it occurs? guide for more details.

It seems the record that’s been selected in the Google Calendar trigger isn’t a real event from the calendar, it’s a test event:

Can you try pulling in a new event record to test with instead? That should help to give you access to additional fields containing the HTML link and description fields for the event that you can then select for the Source URL and Content fields.

I did also want to note that the New or Updated Event (Google Calendar) trigger will not be able to add existing events into the RSS feed, it would only run and add an event to the feed when a new event is added or updated while the Zap is switched on. 

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. Please do keep us updated on how you get on!