Find Folder Action - Using File Name naming convention

  • 11 January 2023
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Hi there,

I am looking to automate the process of uploading documents from OneDrive to private folders in our client portal, Clinked.


The folder structure in Clinked is as follows:

Group > File Type > Client ID

E.g. Fund 123 > Tax Document > ABC-123


I have attempted to name the files according to each Client’s name, e.g ABC-123_Company A, then used the following Zap strucuture:

  1. New File Uploaded to OneDrive
  2. Find folder in Clinked
  3. Upload file in Clinked​​​​​​

The issue is that this only works where the Folder can be found based upon file name, e.g. naming the file exactly ABC-123.

However, as we will be uploading multiple documents to each client folder, based upon the type, e.g. ABC-123_Company 1.pdf, ABC-123_Company 2.pdf, this can’t be done.


Is there anyway to find folder based upon part of the file name, or an easy way to find folder based upon a file tag field which can be set?


Many thanks for all assistance!

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4 replies

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Great question, @Edward.Welch!

My first thought here would be to use a Formatter action to extract the Client ID from the file so that you can use that as the search value in the Find Folder (Clinked) action. 

To extract ABC-123 from a file name of ABC-123_Company 1.pdf, you would:

Use a Formatter (Text > Split Text) action and have _ as the Separator and select First as the Segment Index:

That would get you the Client ID “ABC-123” that you could then search for. 

Want to give that a try and let us know how you get on?

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Amazing thanks - just stumbled upon that before your message but wasn’t sure how that would work in practicality - will let you know how I get on!

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Hi SamB,


I think I have the process correct but unfortunately when I test I am left with the error “File contents too big” when testing the new file upload to OneDrive !

My file size is less than 100MB so unsure what the issue here is - is there a quick solve?


Many thanks ! 

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Hi @Edward.Welch

When you say you’re getting that “File contents too big” error in OneDrive, is that occurring when you’re trying to get a new testing sample in the Zap? Or are you using an Upload File OneDrive action and getting the error there?

I thought the workflow here was to use an Upload File action for Clinked, not OneDrive so I just want to make sure I’ve not misunderstood the workflow here. 

And can you confirm exactly how big the file is? Usually files under 100MB should be fine but it could be that the app itself has its own maximum file size limits being applied. Can you test with a file that’s smaller in size to see if that could be the case here?