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  • 23 February 2022
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It looks to be a new feature in Zapier. But no examples of how to use this. And I can’t find any documentation at all…. I know it’s probably something simple that I am missing. But I can’t get it to make a sub item no matter what I try.

Can someone give me an example of making any sub-item? Much much appreciated in advance 



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14 replies

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Hi @boydbar 

These 3 fields are required to create a Subitem in Monday via the Zap action:


No matter the data I put in here I get an error. I was hooping for an example of what data to put in here so I can get it to work...


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Hi @boydbar 

The error message is indicating that you don’t currently have a Subitems column on the Monday Board so first add that:


I do have a subitem column.

I know its something simple I am missing… really just wish I could see an example of a sub item creation that works… 

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Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured for us to have more context, thanks.

Again, again, a integration that doesn't work.
With each update, its share of galley. Frankly, it's fed up!


I have the exact same problem as you @boydbar

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Hey there @boydbar and @Gabriel Dut!

Hmm, it looks like a subitem column needs to be added to the board directly in before the Create Subitem action can be used. have some documentation on how to create a subitem that will then automatically add the necessary subitem column to the board: How to create subitems 

If you follow the steps on their guide to do that and then try to create a subitem using a Zap does it then work correctly?

Both @boydbar and myself understood that the column had to be created. There would be no point in doing so if that were not the case.
But it doesn't work.


I have created a sub-items column on my board.

The link from monday is unhelpful at all.. I know how to create and use’s automations.

I need to be able to create sub-items for a specific item in my board from Zapier. The sub-item column is create and all the desired columns for the sub-item are set up.

My first confusion is where it asks for “Board ID” it makes sense to use the main board (Installs in my case). But in the list it gives me the option to use the “Subitems of Installs” as a board. (and reagardless of any variation of this I can’t get anything to work)

Second it says “Item Name” but when I put the name of the item on the Installs board it doesn’t work. So I tried the more logical thing and put the item ID number… and still nothing…

Then the part where I assumed id have some issues is understanding what format… JSON assuming for the “Subitem Name”…. like I want to add all fields of the subitem (that are supported) But even as the “Subitem Name” suggests is just the name of the new sub item…. still nothing works.

I really just need ANNNNNNY example of making a sub item from zapier…. i can figure the rest out!



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Hi @Gabriel Dut and @boydbar 

I was able to successfully create a Subitem




So found the main error.

You can NOT change the name of the Subitems column (that is very lame).

So now I have finally got a sub item to create. But if its limited to only setting the name then its useless… 


Can I set multiple columns in the new subitem when creating it? or a workaround can I get the new subitem and edit it later within Zapier?

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Doesn’t appear the Monday Create Item returns the created Subitem ID, unfortunately, so your options will be limited to then update the Subitem.

NOTE: You can create multiple Subitems as once via the Zap action.


A more advanced approach would be to use the Monday API to overcome some of the Monday Zap integration limitations:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Code app or the Webhook app as an action step.

I finally managed to create a Subitem. Reason for previous failures:
The column must be called " Subitems ". However, on, the name of the column is translated according to the country where you are. For me, the name was in French " Sous-elements ".

Another bug: To use a custom value for "Item Name", you must indicate the Item Id!

Another major inconvenience: It is impossible to retrieve the Id of the suddenly created. And since it is impossible to find an item or suddenly by its " name " (which is also a mind-blowing constraint), it is therefore impossible for Zapier to exploit the suddenly created!

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Hey @Gabriel Dut, thanks for sharing your solution here! I’m so glad you were able to get the Subitem created! :slight_smile:

When using Custom values its often expected that an ID for the item, rather than its name would need to be supplied. You can find out more about using custom values here: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps

I can totally see how not having the Subitem ID value output is problematic and means that you’re then unable to update the subitem. :slight_frown: We’ve recently opened up a feature request to get the ID output, with the developers that manage the integration so I’ve added your and @boydbar’s votes to that. I can’t make any promises as to when this will be implemented but we’ll definitely let you know as soon as it is.

In the meantime, as Troy suggested, it may be worth using a Webhook or Code step to use the API to create the Subitem and see it’s ID.