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Select option from dynamic dropdown field (allows multiple) clears all selected values

  • 15 June 2023
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Hi Zapier Community,

I have developed a Zapier integration for my company, which has 2 triggers:

  1. Get Sites (polling, calling out to our API and get a list of sites, the output of which is in the form below:
"id": 1,
"site_id": 1,
"site_name": "Number One Site"
  1. Alert (rest hook based, one of the user inputs is “sites”, a dynamic dropdown field, allows multiple, the source of sites comes from “Get Sites” trigger described above


I then invite myself into the testing, but upon creating a zap using this integration, I found the “sites” user input is acting weird: the dropdown list loads fine, however when I selected any option, it’ll briefly stay in the input, then it gets cleared, which I clicked on it again, the tab is set to “Custom”, I selected the same option, then the selection stayed, if I select a different option, it’ll get cleared again. Since it’s a multi select, I then proceed to add another site to the list, when I select any site, i’ll clear all my previous selections, I’d have to go through the whole process for each item, and they have to be the same as what I selected before.

Has anyone experienced this before? It is extremely frustrating and if there’s anything I have missed, please kindly let me know.


Thank you very much,



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Thanks for reaching out in community and sorry to hear you’re running into this, @hjbolide!

I hope you don't mind, I’m going to move your question to our Developer Discussion forum. While support on the dev platform can be a little limited given the nature, this is the best home for your question since this is where our more savvy community members tend to be. 🙂 

That said, we appreciate you flagging this here! 

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Hi @hjbolide , 

Thanks for your hard work digging into this, and so sorry to hear these fields aren’t working as expected. 

Doing some digging, I’m afraid this appears to be a bug in the Zap editor. We’ve reported this to the right folks so they can investigate further and make sure it gets resolved (although I’m unable to offer an ETA at this time).

In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, it might help to try refraining from setting default values on dropdown fields that have “Allows Multiples” checked. To my knowledge, setting a Default on Allows Multiples fields is the root of the bug at present.

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Confirmed removing default text temporarily resolves this issue, thank you very much for the support. If the bug is fixed please update me and I’ll put those default texts back into my controls. :D


Thank you again.