Webhook with multiple objects changing fields

  • 31 August 2022
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I am a Salesforce user that updates records in bulk frequently. 

When I update records to a certain criteria, it calls a Zapier webhook.

Here is my problem, the Zap works fine for a single webhook call with a single object. Example:


When I run a bulk operation in Salesforce it calls the webhook and sends multiple objects in one API call and it then breaks the Zap:


I have tried to run a Loop step which seems to work fine with multiple objects but then it fails when there is only a single object:

Here is the error on a single object call:

Despite the API having the same name, it doesn’t work for both multiple object and single object use cases:


What is the best way to solve for this?

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Hi @pjmitch8 

Good question.

Try this…

Use 2 Webhooks with 2 Zaps. (see section below for triggering multiple webhooks from 1 request)

Add a Filter as Step 2 to each Zap.

  • 1 Zap to handle the single results
  • 1 Zap to handle the multiple results


6. Optional: Trigger multiple Zaps with webhooks


If you have multiple webhooks you want to trigger from the same event in your app, you can combine their URLs into a single URL.
For example, if you have three Zaps, the URLs would look like this:

You can take the last part of each URLs and combine them into a single URL like this:,kzXC4,2Ajjn

Requests sent to this URL will trigger all three webhook URLs at once.