How to send a file coming from Hubspot to a SugarCRM Lead?

  • 17 October 2023
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Good morning,

I've created a test zap that extracts a sample file from hubspot (via public url) and send it to a specific SugarCRM lead (standard connection). 
I tried two ways, both present in my Zap
1- using the standard SugarCRM connector and passing the File (not shown) in the Attachment field
2- getting the Token from CRM and invoking a POST webhook, passing again the File (not shown) in the File parameter of the Call

In both case I can't get the File uploaded correctly in SugarCRM.
Using Postman or Curl, I can send it easily.
How can I do that?
Maybe because File (not shown) coming from Hubspot is in the hydrate format ? How to convert in Bin?


Here the standard documentation about Post a file to a record in SugarCRM


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2 replies

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Hi @zaPino 

Good question.

We would need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order to have more context.




Here my Zap:

In CRM I have this Attachment field (filename) inside the Lead module:


Step 3 retrieves the File


Then I tried the standard connector to CRM (step 5 update record in sugarcrm) to pass the file in the Attachment field inside the Lead. 

but in CRM I get this, not the actual file :( 


So I tried the Webhook way, getting a CRM Token and invoking the Post with the file in this way:

The reference api invoked:

In this case, the webhook way, I get this error. So no file or url uploaded/updated in CRM.

I think the problem is the CRM expected a parameter called filename coming with the file. I THINK, because the CRM api documentation is too rough :/


Postman works great in this way, where i can specify the “file” type of the property “filename”.
I get the file correctly saved in CRM. Maybe, because it’s bin data.

Any ideas?


Thanks a lot