Create an invoice in Xero & log it in an AirTable

  • 22 January 2021
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So … we are a small boutique hotel, renting private suites, and I’m trying to automate all my accounting tasks.

I have a webhook that is pulling in data from a transaction, I need to create an invoice in Xero with that and log it in an AirTable.


I have the grand total, I need to be able to create the invoice from that total, so I’ve set up a crazy multi step zap, but I know there’s an easier way to do this … I’ve just been looking at it for too long.:upside_down:

so … the Grand Total is 366.85 … I started with a math operation Numbers zap to subtract the 15% tax and the fee.  But maybe there’s a good spreadsheet style formula that will be better?:rolling_eyes:

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3 replies

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can you elaborate on the crazy multi steps? Possibly share screenshots of the set up so that I can further assist simplifying 

It’s just math, I guess.  

Anyway, I had a professional set something up for me.  I think he’ll figure it out.

Thanks for the reply. :)

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No problem! Always happy to assist if it’s ever needed!