Zoho CRM - Change Deal amount when Quote amount is changed or added

  • 21 June 2023
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Im having an issue when adding Deal module to a Find entry Zapier. The field name “Amount” shows but it does not pull Value.

Im trying to have the total Deal amount change as the Quotes within that Deal have been updated/added.


Has anyone has success with this?





1 reply

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Welcome to the Community, @jakejohnson_!

I took a quick look and couldn’t see any bugs or feature requests open around the amount not pulling through a value. Is it just the amount field that isn’t returning a value or are there other fields for Deal that was found that aren’t showing a value either? 

If you could share a screenshot showing what you’re seeing in the Zap for the deal found by the Find Module Entry action, as well as what’s on the deal in Zoho that would be much appreciated. Please remove/hide any private information from any screenshots first (like names, email addresses etc.). That’ll help to give us a bit more context so we can better identify what might be preventing the amount from showing in the Zap.

Looking forward to hearing form you on this!