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Salesforce Zap creates duplicate Google Calendar events instead of updating

  • 12 June 2024
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I’ve created a Zap when two certain opportunity record types get created in Salesforce than an event is created in a google calendar. The problem I am having is when the opportunity is updated, rather than updating the event in the google calendar it is created duplicate events, with the revised data on the google calendar. It has been several days now and I am not sure how to get the zap to find the existing event in the calendar and update it. 


I have included the invoice number in the title and was using that as my search term but it does not seem to be working.




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 12 June 2024, 22:02

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5 replies

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Hi @GigaMesh 

Post screenshots showing how the Path Filter conditions are configured to give us more context.


One approach is to use a custom field on the Opportunity in Salesforce to save the GCal Event ID after it is originally created.

Then the logic would be for an updated Opportunity to have a Path that uses the GCal Event ID from the Salesforce Opportunity to update the GCal Event using that ID.

Hi @Troy Tessalone ,


Would the GCal Event ID need to be manually entered into Salesforce (once the custom field is created)? Where would I find the GCal event ID (other than in zapier)?

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@Tricounty REN 

Zap action: Salesforce - Update Record

That can be used to update an object record with a value. (e.g. set a custom field value to be the GCal Event ID)

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@Troy Tessalone 

Thank you this was very helpful the PATH RULE I was using was Opporunity Record type ID. I have two types of records I need to add to the calendar. The current issue I am having now is that it is making duplicates when the OPP is updated. I think by using the GCal Event ID it would help me resolve this issue. I am trying to also have the calendar update times and dates if the OPP is updated.

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Hi there @GigaMesh 👋

If it’s making duplicate events in Google Calendar when the opportunity in Salesforce is updated then it sounds like the Find Event action isn’t able to find the event for the value that’s been selected in the Search Term field. The Search Term field will be looking for an exact match for the title so the search term used will need to be same as the title of the event in Google Calendar. So if the event is called - “Invoice due for ABC-12345” the that’s what the search term would need to be as well, otherwise it won’t find the event and will create a duplicate event in the calendar. 

As Troy suggested it would be good to record the Google Calendar event’s ID on the same Salesforce record that triggers the Zap when a new event is created. Then for cases where an existing Google Calendar event needs to be updated in the Event field on the Update Event (Google Calendar) action you can select the event’s ID (supplied by the Salesforce trigger step) to ensure that the correct event is updated.

Hope that helps. If you run into any further trouble on this or have any questions just let us know!