Missing dates and listing name in Hostaway Zap


I connected my Hostaway account to Zapier to automate sending email when there is a new reservation. However, there are some missing dates.

The listing name isn’t showing. Am I missing something ? Do I need to give access to theses informations to Zapier ?

Thank you!

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Hi @Alba SH 

Make sure to test your Hostaway Zap trigger step to pull thru data.

You can also try turning the Zap ON and testing live.

Then check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step to trace and troubleshoot:


Help article from Hostaway:

I have the same issue - no listing names are pulling through. Would love to know if it’s a bug. I also am not getting triggers for reservation updates - only new bookings

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@Alba SH and @avin22 

If you suspect an issue, you can try these options:

I have the same issue - no listing names are pulling through. Would love to know if it’s a bug. I also am not getting triggers for reservation updates - only new bookings

Hi avin22,

After test the Zap it’s working good. So I guess it showing “no data” but in real condition it’s working great.

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Yay! Glad to hear it’s working @Alba SH! 😁

If it’s sending over the listing name correctly when the Zap runs live then it could be that there’s a bug with how the test records are loaded from Hostaway. Would you mind reaching out to the Support team here to flag this? They’ll be able to dig into the logs to confirm if this is a bug can open up a bug report if necessary.

@avin22 - are you able to see the listing name as well when the Zap runs live for new bookings?

And with it not triggering for updated bookings can you share some further details as to what type edits are being made to the bookings that are failing to trigger the Zap? And @Alba SH can you confirm whether it’s triggering for updates to existing as well as new bookings?

For example is the same type of update being carried out - a change to the length of the stay or an update to the guest email address etc.? If it’s the same type of update it’s failing to trigger on would you be able to make some different types of updates to the booking information to see if it’s able to trigger on those edits? This will help to narrow down whether it’s all updates that it’s failing to trigger on or just certain types of updates it’s missing.

Looking forward to hearing from you both!

@SamB I did some further testing and it appears the zap only triggers when the reservation first moves from “new” to “modified” status. If you make a modification to a previously modified booking, it does not trigger the zap

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Thanks for letting me know @avin22. That’s very strange, the New / Updated Reservation trigger should be triggering whenever a booking is updated regardless of whether it has previously been modified. So to me this behaviour seems to likely be caused by a bug.

Please use the form here to let our Support team know that this is happening. They can then check the logs for the Zap to see if we’re being sent any data for the subsequent updates, even though it’s not triggering, and open up a bug report so that the developers of the Hostaway app can investigate further. 

Please do keep us updated on how you get on with them, I’m keen to ensure this gets sorted!