Gmail API Goes Rogue

  • 9 June 2024
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Hi There - currently i'm working on a project basically with a Chatbot Conversation through Email instead of typical Chat Format. BUT once i connect my dedicated Gmail Adress with which the mails shall be sent to the individual users something strange happens. Gmail Business creates auto Mails and sends them as reply to the users mails or even forwards it to fake departments. The weirdest part for me which is why i need help here is that each individual Zap that could contain any form of generating content is OFFLINE while those mails were sent. No Code, No Webpage, No different Account, Nothing is causing it except the connection between Zapier and Gmail for this very instance. How do i know? Well: Once i disconnect my "Business" Gmail Account: Voila: NOT a single generated Mail. I need to have this issue fixed as fast as possible. Maybe you have an idea - trust me that i took great care in checking out most of the obvious possibilities first. 
Please let me know! For the moment i let it be disconnected 



1 reply

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Hi @techluis 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.