Error: Failed to create a task in Asana. The app returned "message: task: Not the correct type"

  • 27 October 2022
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I used a Google Form to collect information. This triggers Asana to duplicate a project and then rename it using the form inputs. This part works great, but it does take about 60 seconds for all of the subtasks to show up in Asana.

This duplicate task does get not attached to a project and gets buried. Therefore, I want all new tasks generated to be moved to a project (Order Log). So I set up an additional trigger referencing the new task ID (see image) to ‘Add Task to Section of Project’. However, Zapier is unable to find this new task in Asana…Is it because it takes Zapier time to create the task and the 2nd trigger acts too quickly? 


What am I doing wrong?


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1 reply

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Hi @andyk422!

What trigger are you using for the second Zap? If it’s new task or new subtask I wouldn’t expect the issue to be the timing of when the tasks are created; if they weren’t created, the second Zap wouldn’t trigger. 


Could you share the steps of your first Zap? The one that duplicates the project? I’m wondering if we can add a delay step somewhere to give the Zap time to catch up, but I’m not sure without seeing how the Zap is set up.