Digest by Zapier error: The app returned "Every secret can only have 1000 records, this call attempts to create a total of 1001."

  • 18 June 2024
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I am seeing systemic errors across Zaps via the Zapier Digest app. The error is identical across the board:

Digest by Zapier
The app returned "Every secret can only have 1000 records, this call attempts to create a total of 1001.".

This is occurring on Zaps that have worked flawlessly for weeks. I’ve also de-bugged by making a new Digest, with new name, and simply inputting “test” as Data — the test (and published Zap) errors out with the same 1000+ records. 

Anybody else seeing this? Any potential workarounds to store information between and within Zaps short-term? I chatted with Zap about the issue yesterday afternoon.

5 replies

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Hi @jbtx, so sorry to hear of the troubles with the Digest app here!

Hmm, judging by that error it sounds like the digest hasn’t been released successfully.

Are the Zaps all using the same name for the Digest? Just wondering if perhaps you’ve got multiple Zaps all adding to the same digest and it’s only erroring now as it’s hit that 1000 record limit. Though it’s odd that when creating a new digest under a different name that the same error occurred as would suggest that the 1000 limit includes the total number of entries across all digests. However the error states - “Every secret can only have 1000 records” which suggests that each digest can have up to 1000 records.

Can you also confirm what frequency has been selected for the release of the digest? E.g. which option has been selected in the Frequency field on the affected Zaps:

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

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Thanks for the reply, @SamB. I don’t think it’s an actual error count. 

I made a simple two-step Zap: Chrome push → Make Digest Zap to test this out. The Zap failed to create a Digest for the same error even though the Digest name was timestamp — unique, new, with 0 records! 

I tried again with Digest name “test123943798239” and append record “test” — also fail.  



So, I don’t think it has to do with actual record counts because both of these Digests were new and empty. I use Digest actions across Zaps, so maybe account-wide record limit? That could be the case. But I remember reading somewhere there was no limit to total Digests. 


Thanks for your reply @SamB  — does this error occur on your end as well? If I can either isolate as my account problem or a systemic Zapier problem, that will help!

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Thanks for getting back to me and for sending over those helpful screenshots, @jbtx!

I’ve done testing on my end but wasn’t able to replicate the error. So I expect the amount of digests stored (I’ve got no where near 1,000) is likely the issue here. I see you’ve got the Frequency set to Manual. Do you have a Zap that’s clearing the digest items regularly?

If not, can you try adding a Release Existing Digest action to a Zap, for the digest that’s storing the largest number of items and test it. I’m hoping that will help to force it to clear the stored digest items and allow the Append Entry and Schedule Digest actions to run without error. 

Keen to help get to the bottom of this so please keep me updated on how that goes!

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That might be the case, @SamB — Digests have accumulated across Zaps to total 1000+ records. I often used Release, but sometimes I would just pull up the current Digest and never release.

That being said, I primarily used temporary (i.e. one day) Digests, almost always named with a timestamp D/M/Y HH:SS, so at this point I would have hundreds (or more) of unique Digests. I’m not sure how I would go back and “release” them if I could. 

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Ah, I see @jbtx! Using a timestamp in the name is creating far too unique a value. With digests the idea is that you’ll have multiple entries stored to a digest not a new digest for every entry which is what’s happening when the timestamp is used in the digest name.

Your best bet here will be to reach out to the Support team on this. They’ll be able to investigate the digests you’ve got on your account and hopefully help to get them released or removed from your account. 

Keep me in the loop on how it goes with them, want to make sure this gets sorted!