Contacts+ to Mailchimp "Required field "Subscriber Email" (email) is missing"

  • 29 December 2022
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My goal is to add/sync all existing and new contacts from Contacts+ to a Mailchimp Audience using the Trigger “New Contact in Contacts+”. The Audience in Mailchimp is currently empty.

I keep running into the error 400 “Required field "Subscriber Email" (email) is missing“.

I’ve read everything in the web but I cant wrap my hear around the meaning of: “ The email address of the subscriber you want to subscribe to this audience. Please don't type an email address in this field, instead this should use a value from a previous step in your Zap”.

Ive tried to “map” this "Subscriber Email" field to how Contacts+ is internally naming the column of emails “E-mail 1 - Value”. Ive also inserted Data: “1. Work Email:”. No success.


The only way I get the Test Action successful when I enter a concrete email address, but this in not the way to go.

Can you please tell me what is, in my case, this value and in which previous step? Or otherwise help to achieve my goal.

Thank you,

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4 replies

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Hey there @Rando - here is our help desk article on Mapping, which walks through some helpful tips on setting up your Zap:


However, if you are still running into issues, the next step here is showing us how you have your Zap set up, if you include printscreens (with any personal info blurred/removed) we can make sure to triage where things may be going awry. 


Let me know how you progress either way, and I hope we can get you set up!




Hello Rachael,

Thanks for your reply!

Ive tried the way its described in the help desk article. For one occasion Ive been able to pull in all the necessary info of one contact that the trigger test found: Name, Surname, Email and Tags.

But any new added contact does not appear in Mailchimp. Nor does it pull in any existing contact, that should be new for Mailchimp.



Should this Zap pull every new contact that appears to Contacts+ or should it also pull in any contact that is not yet pulled into Malchimp Audience, basically to update? How wast should the Zap do that?


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Hi @Rando!

Zaps don’t pull existing information from an app, they work when the trigger event happens. In this case, that means that the Zap will send new contacts in Contacts+ to Mailchimp. 

If you’d like to add contacts that are already in Contacts+ to Mailchimp using Zapier, then you’ll need to export the contacts into a spreadsheet (eg using Google Sheets) and you can then use Transfer to send all of the existing information in the sheet to Mailchimp. 


​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!

Hi @Danvers 

I imported the existing database to Mailchimp and also got the Zaps working.

Thank you!