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Can’t connect to Shopify - “Invalid authentication credentials” error

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I am experiencing the inability to reconnect Zapier to my Shopify store.  In doing some research, it seems a large group of individuals are starting to experience the same problem.   Zapier, we need this problem fixed.



Best answer by kentdicks 21 June 2024, 00:54

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Hi @kentdicks, welcome to the Community! 👋

Hope you don’t mind but as the error message you’re running into differs from what was discussed in the previous thread I’ve moved your post out into it’s own topic so we can address this issue separately. 

Can you confirm whether the Shopify account has full admin or collaborator access?

If it’s a collaborator does it have the necessary app and channel access permissions enabled? You can read more about Shopify's different account permissions here: 

Thanks, I look forward to your reply! 

@SamB, chiming in here as we are now also experiencing this issue. I got a load of emails saying there was a possible error on one of my Zaps. In my case, it’s full admin, so shouldn’t have any issues. See attached image for the specific error.

However, on the Zap runs details page, everything is showing as “successful”.


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I was able to resolve the Issue by providing the actual Shopify number originally assigned to the shop, instead of the URL of store.

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Thanks so much for the update here @kentdicks. I’m so pleased you were able to get this resolved! 🙌

@BeautyArtsAesthetics - there was an incident for the Shopify app reported yesterday which I think might have been what suddenly caused issues for you too:

It’s since been resolved so things should be working again. But if not, please try reconnecting your Shopify account with the Shopify number instead of the username as @kentdicks mentioned above and let us know whether that fixes it.