Adding files to google drive from a slack message

Hi team.  I have a sequence where I send a webhook from Go High Level to a 3rd party service which in turn generates a pdf document and emails a slack channel. This is how I receive and am notified of the document creation.

My goal with zapier is to pick up that document .pdf and put it in a google drive folder.  

My issue is that the zap function is not picking up the pdf it is creating a .doc file instead.

See my issue in this video.  thanks for your help. 

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FFML New File In Slack Upload In Google Drive FFMLA Folder | Zapier - Click Display Images to view thumbnail
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Hi @gartulan 

Help us have more context by posting screenshots with how your Zap Step 2 ‘Action’ tab section is configured in EDIT mode.



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Hi @gartulan,

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You might be using the incorrect data on the “File” field of the Google Drive action step. For us to take a closer look please share the setup of your Google Drive action step as Troy asked.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!