Retrieving WordPress post author email for EmailOctopus Add Tag action's email field.

  • 2 June 2023
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I have a Wordpress website that allows users to submit blog posts. When they upload a post, it get’s uploaded as “ready to review” then I publish once I’ve reviewed it.

I would like an email flow to trigger when I’ve published it to notify them that the post is now live.

I’ve set up a automation in EmailOctopus that when a tag get’s added to an email, the flow triggers.

My issue comes with the Zapier part, I am trying the Wordpress Zap “When Post is Updated” OR “When post is published” and the Action “Add tag to EmailOctopus” but in the Action it requires an email and the Trigger doesn’t seem to pull the email? It pulls it “author: but that just gives me their ID number.

Is there a way to pull the email of a Wordpress post Author that I’m missing?

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Hi @Smuthub 

Good question.

One option would be to maintain a Lookup Table to reference as part of the Zap steps.


Otherwise, you’ll likely have to use the WordPress API to via the Zap action: WordPress - API Request

WordPress API: