Move a random image from one folder to another in Google Drive every day

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Hello, i need some help creating a daily social media share Zap.

I have a Google Drive folder with Images and I want to share one image of this folder every day.

But i can’t figure out a way to select only one img from the folder.


Thats why my current setup looks like this:

When i upload an img to the Folder the Zap gets triggered and creates posts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is fine and already saves a lot of time but i want full automation if possible.


My idea now is to create a second folder where i can store all the images and Zap will move one image every day to the post-Zap trigger folder. So i can use post Zap as seen above and just need something like this:

But the problem here is i need to setup a file name. Is there a way to just choose a random ima or something?


Or mybe there is a way easyer approch to achvie wat i want. Its my first time using this tool so iam open to any info and tips;)




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Welcome to the Community @uily! 😁

Perhaps you could keep a record of the files in a spreadsheet and randomly select one from it? For that you’d want to have a Zap that adds a record of the uploaded images into a spreadsheet, then your other Zap can pick one at random from the list of images in the spreadsheet. 

There’s a guide about how to randomly select a row from a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the help of a Formatter (Numbers > Spreadsheet Style Formula) action: 

Do you think that sort of approach could work for your needs here? If I’ve misunderstood what you’re looking to achieve or you run into any trouble on that do let us know!

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Thanks for the information, i will try this out ;)

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You are most welcome @uily 🤗

Please do keep us updated on how you get on with that - happy to assist further if you get stuck at all!