How to create new membership memberpress subscription with HelloAsso new payment?

  • 1 December 2023
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I’m trying to create a social network for agoraphobic people. So since almost 10 years a community is built and have 1200 members mostly in France. Now I want them to become a membership of my association, to use the website. That’s why I bought Memberpress, and using HelloAsso wich in France is the best platform for association.

So now I’m trying to do that : How to create new membership memberpress subscription with HelloAsso new payment?

I tryed to do the contraty, but HelloAsso is not in Actions, just triggers.

I tryed New payment on HelloAsso > create member in Memberpress > create subscription in Memberpress and it’s at the end there is a problem, it can’t get a “status” (current billing status), so troubleshoot error ! How to get memberpress billing status ?

And by the way, there is no update/create member action, so if I create (with create action) a member’s memberpress, the user is already exist for existing account, and if I update a member (with upgrade action), there is no data to update for people without account…

Maybe I forgot something, but I tryed and tryed and tryed in different way. Thank you a lot for your answer, and your time :)


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3 replies

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Hi there @Agorafolk, welcome to the Community! 

It sounds like there’s a couple of different issues to solve here:

1 - You’re getting an error regarding the current billing status in the Create Subscription (MemberPress) action and are unsure of how to get the current billing status from MemberPress.

Looking at the Status field on the Create Subscription action it appears the status can be set to either can be set to "active", "cancelled", "suspended", or "pending".

I would have thought that since you’re creating a new membership subscription you would select the “Active” option from the dropdown menu on the Status field. That should in theory set the current status of the new membership subscription being created to active so that the member’s subscription is active immediately.

Do you think that could work, or have you already tried selecting that option from the list and it’s still giving an error? In which case, can you please share a screenshot showing the full error appearing in the Zap? Remember to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from any screenshots before sharing.

2 - There isn’t a single action to either update the existing member or create them if they don’t already exist.

There is a Get Member search action available for the MemberPress app, which would allow the Zap to look for the member to see if they already exist.

Then you could use paths to either update the existing member or create a new member if one wasn’t found. Or instead of paths, you could could set up two Zaps that each use a filter to run the necessary Update Member or Create Member actions accordingly.

You can learn more about using this sort of branching logic to carry out different actions here:

I should note though, that both paths and filters are only available on paid plans currently. And paths is only available on Professional or higher plans, so it may not be an ideal solution depending on what plan you’re on.

Hope that helps, looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Hi @SamB ! I’m really happy to have an answer, thank you a lot :)

I’m trying want you tell me, paths and filters are amazing. It’s not a success yet, but I’m learning, and hope to be able to answer you soon !

Thank you a lot and good evening...

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You are most welcome, @Agorafolk! 🤗

Hope all goes well on that, but if you run into any issues just let me know. I’m happy to help further!