How do I upload Gmail spreadsheet attachments to Google Drive and map rows to Salesforce objects in Zapier?

We get a spreadsheet as an attachment to gmail, we want to upload it to google drive as  google sheet. After that we are wanting to bring those donations into Salesforce. 

We were hoping that every time a new spreadsheet with the data was created we could simply pick that up and bring it into Salesforce as the columns are always the same.

The zap created copies the gmail attachment to the google drive, but I am not sure how to map the rows to the salesforce object fields by creating a look up row? And then insert all the rows in the spreadsheet to alesforce object.

I would like any help with this or links to any documentation on this. Thanks in advance.


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Hey @maisoli ,


In which format do you receive the attachments? Is it CSV or XLS or any?

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Hi @maisoli 

If the email file attachment is a CSV then you can use the Files by Zapier app:


Plus, you can use the Looping app to handle the CSV file rows:


Thank you for your reply.  I tried this but I am not able to map the CSV columns to the Salesforce object. Am I missing a step.


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The Files by Zapier step needs to be before the Looping step.

Thank you !!! Is there any link/documentation which lists out all the steps for my use case , namely when an email is received with a csv attachment, upload the data to a salesforce object.

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Most Zap workflows are unique based on the user’s requirements, so there is often not comprehensive documentation for how to configure the Zap steps.


If you need help, consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert:

Ok, thank you!!! This is for a volunteering work :) so will try to figure it out.

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Hi @maisoli ,
We just wanted to see how everything is going with your Zap. Did everyone’s recommendation get the job done? Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance with your Zap. We're glad to address any concerns and assist you.
We're looking forward to your response.