How can I set the delay time to Korean time using Zapier?

  • 10 July 2024
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I live in Korea.
I want to add a delay time, but I'd like to Korea time, even though I changed to Korea time.I wonder why

8 replies

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Hi @jaylo 

Some of the screenshots did not upload.



@Troy Tessalone 


I changed the time zone in the setting of the repeer, but the time doesn't change when I run zap. Please tell me how to fix this error

If you look at the third picture that I uploaded 
No date on mapped value. I think this is the problem

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Make sure the Airtable step finds a record.

Make sure the found Airtable record has a value for the field you are mapping into the Formatter step.


For the Formatter step, post screenshots showing how the “Action” tab section is configured in EDIT mode for us to have more context.


NOTE: You may want to use a more universal standardized timestamp format.


The above option is in the dropdown list in the Formatter step.


NOTE: Remove the extra fields


@Troy Tessalone 


I saw a YouTuber and made it exactly the same. He recommended Format MMMDDYYYH:mm:ss (January 22 2006 23:04:05)

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The specified From Format does not match the format of the Input value.




@Troy Tessalone


I have to check until the minute and second, so what should I do?
I wonder what code I should put in the function of input.


Why won't the time change?
Still fixed to Greenwich time zone

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If you are trying to adjust time zones, you can use this Zap action: Formatter > Date & Time > Format


You are using a system generated timestamp for NOW, so whenever that Zap step is tested or run live, it will use the current timestamp.


Per the help link in the field description the Expression should be: +3m



You can adjust the date or time value in a date/time field with modifiers. Date/time fields are marked with a calendar icon and a clock icon Action: calendarMisc: clock.

Date/time modifiers need:

  • A plus sign (“+”) or minus sign (“-”) to increase or decrease the value.
  • A number for the amount you want to adjust the value by.
  • A time unit for the unit of time that you want to adjust the value by.

Modifiers use the following time units:

  • s: add an “s” for seconds
  • m: add an “m” for minutes
  • h: add an “h” for hours
  • d: add a “d” for days
  • mo: add “mo” for months
  • y: add a “y” for years

Examples of modifiers:

  • +1y: adds 1 year
  • -6d: subtracts 6 days
  • -4h -3m: subtracts 4 hours and 3 minutes

To use a modifier, enter a space after the date or time value, then enter the modifier. You can use multiple modifiers with a date or time value by separating them with a space.

Example shows mapped data followed by a day and a time modifier. There are arrows to highlight that a space is required between each piece of data.

ratingStar icon Tip
  • To adjust the date or time value in a non-date/time field or change the format of a date, use a Formatter step instead.
  • Zapier has a number of supported formats to interpret any date or time you provide such as tomorrow at noon.