New in Zapier Manager: Automatically share reports of your Zap’s activity

  • 4 March 2021
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New in Zapier Manager: Automatically share reports of your Zap’s activity
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Hi everyone, I’m a product manager at Zapier and I just wanted to announce a small feature we’re now beta testing to make it easier to keep tabs on what your Zaps are doing. 

“Create Zap Report” is a new action in the Zapier Manager app that can generate a report of a given Zap’s activity for the last seven days:

When it runs, the action will return the information about the Zap and summary data like:

  • Successful runs: The number of times the Zap ran without an error

  • Times triggered: The number of times the Zap triggered (whether or not it completed successfully)

  • Tasks used: The total number of tasks used by the Zap

  • CSV (file and URL): A CSV file with the raw data for each step (can later be used in fields that accept files, like an email attachment), and a URL to that same CSV

  • Start time: The beginning of the reporting period

  • End time: The end of the reporting period

All data is for the seven days prior to this Zap running.

To try this out, just use this Zap Template which uses Schedule to run every week on 9am on Monday and Email by Zapier to send an email with a pre-formatted message that looks like this:


You can customize the day of the week and time you want your Zap to run, choose the Zap you want to report on, and the body of the email and who to send it to. Maybe you want to send your boss a weekly report of how many leads came in based on the number of successful runs:



You could even replace the Email step with a later action of your choice, like adding the data to a Google Sheet or whatever else you want! By monitoring the Zaps that power your business you can generate high-level insights into how things are going, keep your team in the loop, and more. We’re excited to see how you use this!

For now, this action is only available via a Zap Template, so click here to get started.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on this action, including any requests for how we can make it better or ideas for how you’ll use it, please chime in below!

4 replies

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Ooo I’m always looking for new functionality within Zap Manager, so thank you @Noah Manger for working on this!

Question, why does it require a zap to be selected? Could we have it run for all zaps in a given folder, or in a given account? As an agency with multiple clients we want to monitor our client accounts and there are multiple (dozens) zaps running in each folder within each account, it would be cumbersome to create a monitoring zap for each zap. 

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Thanks @PaulKortman ! That’s something we’ve been considering as a possible enhancement, and were curious if folks would want it. So glad to hear that would be useful! 

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@Noah Manger to be clear it’s only useful for me/my agency. I suspect the average user wouldn’t need this feature, but I could see it becoming viable for a user who wants to watch their task usage very closely. on a daily/weekly level for example to ensure no overages… Or if they want to be alerted to anomalies like spikes in task usage...

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Hi @PaulKortman !

In the meantime, one possible workaround for this would be to add a Looping by Zapier Step before the Create Zap Report Step with a comma separated list of the Zap IDs that you want to get reports for. By mapping the output of the loop value into the Zap field as a custom value, you could repeat the actions for multiple Zaps and send those reports where you need.