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zap won't stay on with a google calendar trigger to twitter action

  • 23 March 2023
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Hello, I have 3 zaps set up currently and the one connected to Discord seems to be happy.  I have one set up that pulls written copy from the description in an google calendar event and posts to Twitter that seems to work just fine and is staying on -- but the 2nd one I have set up to do the same thing to a different account won’t stay on no matter what I do.  It turns off with no message as to why even though it’s almost identical to another zap I have running that has no problems.  The only difference between the two is which Twitter account it’s posting to.  Anyone know why it won’t allow this second zap to run?


Best answer by christina.d 23 March 2023, 21:44

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4 replies

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Hey there, @stellabrickroad! Thanks for reaching out in community - yikes, though. That’s odd!

Is the zap turning off right after you turn it on? Apologies if you’ve already given this a shot but sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the account from within the zap and then again in the app section does the trick.

In addition to what Troy mentioned, here’s a few other troubleshooting steps that may be useful!

Please keep us posted - we definitely want to make sure you’re all squared here.

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Hi @stellabrickroad 

Good question.

Check your Zap > Details > Change History for clues to troubleshoot.

I stepped back through everything and it looks like it had a disconnect with which calendar I wanted it coming from.  I swapped it to the right one and I think it’s fixed.  It’s on and hasn’t turned off yet!  Thank y’all for the troubleshoot advice.

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Awesome, love to hear that! 

Thanks for swinging back around to let us know how you solved this too! 🤗