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Zap that finds multiple records in Salesforce

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I wanted to automate reminder emails for upcoming payments due. 

Set up a zap to search for record(s) (multiple) that match an upcoming date range  


then set up another record search to find opportunities related to those records  

followed by a gmail action to send an email 


when the zap ran I was hoping it would run the  gmail action for each record found but I received an error saying that it tried to query for all records found at the same time (in the Second get records action)  


am I approaching this the right way?


is it possible to have a zap that auto runs daily for all records that match the find record query?






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I am attempting a similar flow where i want the zap to update multiple items in airtable but hitting an error with the Loop stage.


so currently looks like:

trigger - monthly schedule

find many records (limited to ten :( )
create loop from line items

send email in gmail
update record in airtable - however on this last step, the ID value is empty.  I am mapping the Record Field to ID but it shows in testing as ID:No data.

when i test the Find Many Records step i can see that the Record ID is being pulled, but for some reason it’s blank is that last step.

any thoughts??

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@ABAR checking in to see if you were able to try Rob’s suggestion and were able to get things working here. Let us know!

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Here’s how you would set it up:

  1. Use schedule by zapier to run it daily/weekly
  2. Use Salesforce’s Find Record(s) action
  1. Use Loop by Zapier to process each record
  2. Use your opportunity action (search record)
  3. Use Gmail action


Let me know if it works for you.