Xero and - Creating Duplicate Items Instead of Updating, "Update Column Value" Action Not Available

  • 4 May 2023
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I have xero and integrated through zapier.

In Monday, I have a board which acts as an onboarding tracker for clients. It includes columns for client name (company), first name, surname, email address, account number (which I was thinking in step one below I could make the monday item ID?), deal value and status.

Can you give me the steps I need to take in zapier, xero and monday to make the following happen:

1. when a new item/client is entered into the monday board, a contact is created in xero with their details
2. When a quote is sent to a client from xero, the status column and deal amount column for that client/item in Monday is updated.
3. When a payment is received from a client in xero, the status column and deal amount column for that client/item in monday is updated.

When I have tried, each time xero sends back quote generated or invoice received, it’s creating new items/lines in monday rather than using the existing ones (with account number matching monday item ID) and updating their status. The how-to I found online told me to use the "Update Column Value" action event, but that doesn't exist as an option.

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Hi @sarabi, welcome to the Community!

It sounds like the issue is that the Zap is creating new items in Monday instead of updating existing ones with the matching account numbers (item ID). Am I understanding that correctly?

If yes, are you using a Create Item action in the Zap to update the existing items as the “Update Item Column Value” action is no longer available? Asking as that may explain why it’s creating new items as that action cannot update existing items. 

If that’s the case, I’d suggest switching the Zap to use the Change Multiple Columns Value ( action, as that would be able to update the existing item. That said, in order to ensure that the correct item is updated by that action you’d need to select the Item ID field (using the Custom value option) from the trigger in the Zap.

For example:

Doing that would allow the action to select the same item that triggers the Zap and update it accordingly. 

Can you give that a try and let us know whether that gets it working?

Hopefully that’ll fix it, but if it doesn’t, or I’ve misunderstood the issue here please let us know! 🙂