WooCommerce error: "woocommerce_rest_invalid_id" on

  • 22 December 2023
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I just created my firs ZAP, but somehow I got stuck on Existing ID field.

I have Bexio where I have my customers and I have Woocommerce where I want to always update my customers as soon as I change/update (address, phone, ...) them in Bexio. So only one way from Bexio → Woocommerce.

I connected to Bexio and it works
I connected to Woocommerce and it works

I updated a customer that is in both Bexio and Woocommerce, but this does not work and Zapier gives me this message: WooCommerce returned "Ungültige Ressourcen-ID.". Error code: "woocommerce_rest_invalid_id" on

What do I add to the first field: *Existing ID Required - I only see Bexio options here, but I guess the Woocommerce ID of the customer should be standing here, or?

Anyone has an idea how to fix this problem?

Thank you


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Hi @Ananda108 

This looks like a duplicate of your other post: