Webflow website don't show on zap creation


I’m trying to test the “Instagram to Webflow” zap.

- Instagram account connection worked fine.

- Webflow connection seems to work fine as well. but when I want to select the correct website in my Webflow Core plan. I can only see one website. The website I want to test this on has a collection and is published. but not showing in the list. Other published website in this account are not showing either. Only the one.

Is this a permission thing within Webflow I need to set differently? if so how should this be set?


Hope somebody can help. 


p.s. The goal is to show instagram posts with a specific Hashtag in a gallery on a Webflow website. 

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Hey there @Enzodesign! It could be a permissions thing, but I do have one question before heading in that direction. The website you are aiming to use, was it published during the period you were attempting to set up this Zap? If yes, then you may need to toggle down and click “Load More” or “Refresh Fields” and that may solve your problem. Give it a shot and let me know if I need to come back to troubleshoot!

Hi Chanelle, 

Thanks for your feedback. It was published during the creation of the Zap, but refreshing fields or load more doesn’t fix it I’m afraid..

And other websites (published much earlier) under my account aren’t shown either. It only shows 1 website.

It’s the first website I published under my account, I’m not sure if that is relevant.


Hope somebody can help.

Kind regards

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@Enzodesign -

I found this article that may be of help to you, specifically the Connect your Webflow account to Zapier and Troubleshoot the connected Webflow account sections within. 

I’m also going to link into another Community post of a user who experienced similar issues. To save you some time however, I’m going to add in the direct quote from my teammate Christina. 

Otherwise, it might be worth double checking the permissions on the site you’re not seeing matches the ones you see in the dropdown. 

Finally if this is a new site, created after you connected Webflow with Zapier, it might be worth disconnecting the app and reconnecting it again to see if it pops up. 

I hope some of this helps! Please keep us posted on how this is coming along for ya. 🙂

Hope this helps!