Webflow - error: "The collection structure changed since the last publish"

  • 29 July 2022
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Webflow - Error 400



Anyone facing this issue. Please make sure that you republish your website and then click on test and review.


Took me 2 hours to figure this out.

2 replies

Hi Dan,


Sorry I was using my client’s ID (Lakshaya Counselling) their. 

I was trying to pull user data from Memberstack and create them as items on webflow.

Before I ran the test on my zap, I made a few last minute changes on the collection on webflow but probably forgot to publish it.


And the problem was I could see all the fields on zapier just fine but I guess they were never created on the main website (since I did not publish) so I kept getting the same error which was (The collection structure changed since the last publish)  and in the zapier’s troubleshoot help it just mentioned that I might’ve left a required field blank. 

So it took me a while to realize the problem.


Hope that helps :)

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Hi @Lakshaya Counselling!

I’m sorry that you ran into this frustration! To help other users out, can I double check what you’re saying? You’re using Webflow and ran into a 400 error (could I ask what trigger or action you were using?) but it was resolved when you republished your website and then retested the step in your Zap, is that right?