Very poor result with Zapier web parser

  • 24 June 2023
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I have a zap that get web pages from different sites, usign web parser, but the overall result is extremely poor.

The most annoing things is that in mosto of the case, the text that I get is withouth carriage returns, so all the text, instead of being divided into paragrapher looks like a long compact text.

I have tried several settings, the one that I am currentyl usign is:


web parser

Settings-Content output: HTML


Zapier text formatter with

settings-Remove HTML Tags


Seems the result is slightly better than a plaintext from the web parser zap, but the issue of stripping all the Cr when parsing the web page is still there.

The annoing things is that not an in all the parsed web pages the issue appear, but on most of them yes


Any advise on how to solve this issue?

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi @Bobonez!

I’m so sorry to hear that Web Parser by Zapier isn’t extracting the text as hoped. I couldn’t find any existing feature requests to have the plain text output for Web Parser keep the carriage returns. So I’d recommend contacting our Support team to ask that they open up a feature request to flag this up with the developers on your behalf. 

Other than using that Formatter action to remove the HTML but keep the carriage returns, perhaps you could use a similar app to scrape the information from the webpage instead? I’ve not tested it myself but it looks like the Scrape-it.Cloud app has an Extract Data From URL action which you could try instead.

If that action works better or you find a better alternative here please do let us know. Keen to ensure you’re all set! 🙂