Unable to write data to multiselect dropdown fields in Smartsheet

  • 6 October 2022
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I’m using Zapier to write data to a Smartsheet in response to a webhook.  Works fine except if one of the fields is a Dropdown field in Smartsheet with “Allow multiple values” set to True. 

The error received when testing the Zap is “Value is not supported for this column type. Use objectValue instead”.  I think this means that the Smartsheet API requires multiselect field values to come in as an object not a string, but Zapier is sending everything as strings. 

Has anyone else encountered this?  Below is an example of the field that throws an error when Zapier tries writing to it. 


2 replies

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In Zapier, when you are setting up your Smartsheet action, is there a dropdown displaying each of those occupations with a grayed out string of numbers and letters, as seen below?

If so, you’ll want to either add a code step or use a Lookup Table (in Formatter by Zapier utilities) to map the string from your webhook (ie, “Artist”) to the corresponding object ID (ie. “6148f88b2fd73cd680f9fec9” in my screenshot).

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Heya @PixelAzul! I wanted to swing by and see how you’re doing with this? 🙂
@Todd Harper has some real pro tips that hopefully helped get you back on track. Either way, let us know! We’d love to help.