Unable to upload PDF file found in Google Drive to Basecamp with dynamic project folder.

  • 23 June 2023
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I am trying to do the following but I can't get past a certain point. 


  1. New Submission in Jotform - Trigger
  2. Find Project in Basecamp 3 - Action
  3. IF Project is found, then then continue or IF Project is not found Continue - Action
  4. Create Project from Template in Basecamp 3 - “ONLY IF EXACT NAME IS NOT FOUND TO BE AN EXISTING PROJECT IN STEP 3.” - Action
  5. Find PDF File in Google drive - “This action exists because Jotform does not have an upload integration with BaseCamp” - Action
  6. Upload PDF File found in Google Drive to Basecamp in variable project folder - Action.

I have everything working and tested except for Step 6.  I can't seem to get this action to work if the “Find file in Google Drive” is not a Trigger “New File in Google Drive”.  Now, I have another ZAP that does the upload to basecamp but it only uploads to a specific folder, not a dynamic folder that changes with every customer.  The goal of this ZAP is that once a Jotform is submitted that it would find the customer in basecamp and then upload the Jotform to the specific customer in the folder that corresponds with they type of Jotform it is.  I know this is a lot but I need this action to work.  I have tried Sub Zaps but unless I can have JotForm and Google Drive as triggers, they will not work.

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Hey there, @Nick Rokahr! Thanks for reaching out in community - we definitely want to help! 🤗  

Hmm, just so I know I’m tracking - 5th step is Find File in Google Drive and we’re blocked on the 6th step which is Upload File in Basecamp.

I know you mentioned you weren’t able to get it to work - are you able to elaborate a bit more on what didn’t work? For example was there an error message or did it show as a success but nothing happened in Basecamp?

Are you able to share screenshots of the Upload File step setup (with any personal details removed) can help the community troubleshoot with you. 🙂 If an error did occur are you also able to share that and where you’re seeing it?

This is an example photo from a different app and step but is a visual for what we’re going for on the screenshots.

Thanks so much for your help!