Trying to create a Zap that will trigger when a new payment is made in Stripe, then create a new subscriber in Mailerlite. Not returning any customer email data.

  • 11 January 2024
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I’m am trying to create a Zap that triggers when a payment in made in Stripe, then create a new subscriber in Mailerlite.

I’ve attached a screenshot.  It is showing that I do not have any email data.  How do I get the email data?

5 replies

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Hi @littlesunshineflowerfarm 

 We would need to see how your Zap action step ‘Action’ section is configured to have more context.



Try using this Zap action instead: MailerLite - Create/Update Subscriber


I changed it to Create/Update Subscriber then took this screenshot.  It stills says no data in Customer Email.  What next?

I just tried this (with Ai’s help) :)  It says it will work but I still need to test it.  It’s greek to me, but what do you think?

But it looks like if I set up it this way, I have to pay for Zapier since there is 3 steps.  I can’t do that.  Is there a different way to set it up?

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You can try this Zap trigger:


If that doesn’t work then you would need to add a Filter to make sure the customer email is present in the DATA OUT from Stripe.

However, using a Filter as Step 2, would make it a multistep Zap, which requires a Zapier paid plan.