Trouble replicating UA page data filtering in the Google Analytics 4.

  • 18 September 2023
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Has anyone had any luck with dimension filters using the GA4 zapier app? In the UA/Google Analytics app it was very simple to create a Zap that returned specific GA page data using Dimension filters, as you could specify (Text) contains in the Page URL and return everything that contains that value as below:


However, in GA4’s app, when using Send Run Report to Google Analytics 4, the comparison options are AndGroup, OnGroup, NoExpression and Filter but I am unable to replicate the measurement above with any of those. I want to return all the pageview data that starts with/contains the value above (there are hundreds of URL variations that follow that value i.e date parameters) but it never returns anything when testing or when Published. I’ve reached out to Zapier support and not had much luck either, and have struggled to find documentation that helps support GA4 Zapier as a whole.

What is returned in Google Analytics 4 trying to replicate the same report from UA

If anyone has had luck please let me know - thankfully UA has still been working for me but just want to make sure can create same report in GA4.

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Welcome to the Community, @jmbroomie! 👋

I did some checking and you’re right, the Comparison field is only loading those four FilterExpressions. And it looks like you’d need to use the MatchType filtering options for a StringFilter in order to check if it CONTAINS a certain string like “/search/?parkID=20”. 

I couldn’t see any existing feature requests open to have additional filtering options added so I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team about this. They’ll be able to open up a feature request for this on your behalf.
In the meantime, the Google Analytics 4 has an API Request (Beta) action available which you might be able to use to generate the report instead. It’s a bit more advanced than setting up the other Google actions but thought it worth mentioning here in case that’s something you’d want to explore. If you’re interested in giving that action a try you’ll want to reference the following guides when setting it up:

Hope that helps. If you give that action and try and run into issues just let us know!