The Find Record action in Airtable is unable to locate a corresponding record.

  • 23 March 2023
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I’m trying to use Typeform’s new Calendly integration and get all of the data into Airtable. I need the user input form data and the date/time of the event that they signed up for to add them to the participant list. 


Right now I have one zap that creates a record from the typeform response, another that creates or updates a user based on Calendly response and another that creates or updates an event based on a Calendly response. 

The issue is that the Find and Update in the Calendly zap never finds the data from the Typeform. 


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3 replies

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Hey @sge20223, thanks for joining the Community here! 🙂

I just want to double check that I’m understanding the issue correctly here. Is it that the Zap that has Find Record and Update Record (Airtable) actions isn’t finding the correct record? 

If yes, what information are you searching on - is it the event name or date for example? And does the information you’re searching on differ from what’s in the record for the event?

I’m wondering if a difference in what’s present in the record and what’s being searched on might be what’s preventing the Zap from finding the record. Do you think that could be the case here?

If that’s not what’s happening here, would you mind sharing some further details on the issue. Any screenshots showing the current set up of the Zap’s actions that could help to give us folks in Community a bit more context would be much appreciated. We can’t see into your Zaps so screenshots are always welcome, just remember to remove/hide any private info like names, email address from them before sharing.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, the issue is that the find record is not finding the record. So I am asking to find an email that already exists and update the record. 



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Hey there, @sge20223! Appreciate you sharing this!

Hmm, I may be missing something here. So based on the screenshots you shared, the search record is “”. It would make sense this search would fail since looking at the records there is no email listed with that address.

Do you mind outlining the totality of the workflow you’re trying to achieve for this specific zap?

That may help us determine next steps! 🙂