Publishing Images on Trello from a Jot Form

  • 13 March 2023
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Hi team

I’ve got a few jotforms integrating with Trello, all using Zapier but the latest one has me stumped. I am trying to use a Jotform for a transit damage report in Trello, and the images uploaded to the jotform (photos of damage) refuse to come out on my Trello. At best I get a URL that doesn’t click through. 


Any suggestions? 

4 replies

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Hi @antmaclean 

Just following up on this. Were you able to do what Troy suggested? How was it?

Let us know how it goes. Thank you!

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Hi @antmaclean 

If there can be 1+ attachments, then you will need to use the Looping app to iterate thru each one:

Hi Rob

Thanks for your speedy response: This is what I see on the form.

These are my privacy settings (above - revised as suggested) and here is the Zapier set up. You can see I am covering my bases with how I am testing. I think that because the JotForm converts the attached image to a cloud address that this may be the problem, but I am not certain. 


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Hi @antmaclean 

Make sure that you map the image to an attachment field in trello. You can share your configuration as screenshot here for better understanding of your setup. Also make sure this is unchecked: