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Pipedrive deals are intermittently coming across to Smartsheet/my Zap History

  • 12 July 2022
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In Pipedrive I have a filter that is setup to show all deals that were updated yesterday. I have a Zap that takes these deals and then puts them into a sheet on Smartsheet.

It works fine for about 90% of deals. The other 10% of deals do not show up on Smartsheet. I have double checked that the missing deals are in fact showing up on the filter. I have gone thru the Zap history and they are not showing up there though. There is nothing obviously in common between these deals that don’t transfer over.

It seems to me that there may be an issue with Pipedrive/Zapier/Smartsheet integration, but I am really hoping I am wrong. 

Has anyone run into something similar or have any ideas?

Thank you


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Hey there, @M-I-Z-Zap! Thanks for reaching out. So sorry to hear you’re running into this!

I can see you were able to chat with my friends in support - which is perfect. You’re in great hands!

For context, they asked for some full-page screenshots of deals that triggered the zap vs ones that did not. Please keep us posted on your success here!

Zapier support advised that there is a bug in their code for the Pipedrive zap I was using. There is no current fix until they are able to resolve sadly. 

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Zapier support advised that there is a bug in their code for the Pipedrive zap I was using. There is no current fix until they are able to resolve sadly. 

Ah, thank you so much for following up here, @M-I-Z-Zap! You’re definitely correct - it turns out the Deal Matching Filter isn’t triggering with all new deals that match the filter. I can see you were added as an impacted user so we’ll definitely keep you in the loop once a fix is in place. We’ll also be sure to keep this topic up to date as well. 

Thanks again for closing the loop here and we’ll be in touch!

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Hi there,

For this issue I think the filter setup in Pipedrive is not compatible with the way that triggers for “New Deal in Filter” works at Zapier today.  We deduplicate data based on the ID of the deal.  So if the filter in Pipedrive is to show you deals that updated in the last 24 hours, the first time it shows up in that filter, we will trigger on it.  The second time, and any subsequent times that deal shows up in the filter (no matter how long ago it showed up originally), we won’t trigger on it anymore.  This includes if the deal was in the filter when you setup the Zap in the first place (when a Zap turns on, we populate the list of items to dedupe based on a call to the API at that time, without triggering on those items).

For this use case you may be better off using our Updated Deal trigger, which fires off any time a deal gets updated.  Then you could group them together by day using something like Digest by Zapier if you needed that functionality to see everything that happened yesterday, once per day, for example.

I’m also making a note to possibly allow this kind of use case in New Deal in Filter, by adding another option to allow the same deal to trigger more than once, but it would be something we do in the future the next time we work on that part of the integration.

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Hi folks! 

Just wanted to share a quick update to confirm that this bug with the Deal Matching Filter trigger has recently been closed! 🎉 I expect you’ve already seen the email notification that was sent out but for anyone coming across this, here are the main details from it:

“We've made some updates to the trigger to try to help make it work more reliably. There's also a new input field called Deal Status that, when used together with a Pipedrive deals filter, can help to narrow down exactly which deals you want to trigger the Zap.

Can you give that a try and see if that works for your needs? If you run into any problems or have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are here to help!”

Happy Zapping! ⚡