NeverBounce to Pardot Zap not adding new prospects to list, only test prospect.

  • 18 December 2023
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Hi everyone!


We just started a Zapier trial, but I’m struggling to make a working connection and am hoping the community here can help since I was never able to connect with an integration specialist.

I’d like to have NeverBounce verify an email address as it comes into Pardot, then add that prospect to a list (for my own verification purposes). My zap looks like the following:

For both the verify step and the add prospect to list step, I have to select a test prospect when prompted... But that test prospect that I selected is the only name to make it into my final list. The zap is published and is on and isn’t showing any errors - expect for my final list not getting populated.


  • For both the Verify step and the Add Prospect to List step, I’m prompted to select a specific prospect in the Action (screenshot below - I crossed out the person’s name, but I had to pick a singular person). I don’t seem to be able to select anything general like “New Prospect”. Is this as expected?
  • Are there any other steps I should be adding in to complete this integration?


Thank you!

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Hi @Sphera Marketing 

Try mapping the Prospect ID from Step 1 using the ‘Custom’ tab.