Mighty Networks error: Failed to create a member in Mighty Networks The app returned "Invalid Emails:".

  • 6 August 2022
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I have an incentive for paying in full for a program in Thrivecart.  The incentive is access to an additional course program in Mighty Networks. 

I’ve tried to zap this together  Thrivecart pay in full trigger with enroll in a specific course via Mighty Networks.  I get this error when I test: 


Failed to create a member in Mighty Networks

The app returned "Invalid Emails:".


In fact, I’ve tried to enroll customers in other courses on the mighty network this way -- from Thrivecart purchases -- and same problem. 


I actually ran through a test of my funnel and everything works fine except this.  I can’t seem to connect the Mighty Network to anything.


Please help!  :)

1 reply

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Hi @LisaK!

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with the Mighty Networks step of your Zap. From what you’ve described I’m not sure why the email is coming back as invalid so we’ll need to take a look at the step to see what might be going wrong. 

Could you please share a screenshot of how the Mighty Networks step is set up, so we can see the information that’s mapped into the email field. If you do please remember to remove any personal information from the screenshot (eg block out any email addresses). 

Also, could I ask if the emails that you’ve tried are already members in Mighty Networks? That could cause it to say that the email is invalid as it can’t add the same email twice. Let me know what you think!