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Help with RSS Zapier to create new item to webflow; app returned "ValidationError:Validation Failure".

  • 1 September 2020
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I am trying to pull rss feed to create a new item to webflow and I keep hitting this error. Any help with be greatly appreciated. :pray:



Best answer by eay720 23 September 2020, 00:36

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5 replies

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@jessel yes, so on the webflow cms - I specified a dropdown with the category names this creates an error because the values on what we’re fetching from the rss may or may not have the same exact values it is grabbing. So, I simply removed that item as required on webflow cms and removed the dropdown and made it a simple text field.
Hope this helps! :)

I’m actually having a very similar issue and could benefit from hearing how you overcame this one @eay720… :pray:  

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Hi @eay720!

Glad you managed to figure that out! If you’ve got a sec, it might be helpful to others who find this thread to see what the issue ended up being and how you solved it :)

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Dismissed. I figured it out. LOL.

Im almost positive that my validation error has to do with the required slug field but no matter what I change it to I cant seem to be able to resolve the validation issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.