Hello! I need help with creating a zap. Please help

  • 25 November 2022
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I have a zap I would like to connect to Shopify to Kajabi. However, when I test it, it shows this error. I am trying to connect this zap so that I can have my course available for access for Black Friday. Please help!!!

If you need more context or screenshots I can share more. - Thanks in advance.


4 replies

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Hi @LMV 

As the error points out, the email already exists in Kajabi. So try using a different email, or just skip the test.


Also you’ll have to change the email for static text to value from Shopify, just like you did for name.


Hi! Thanks for responding. I have been trying to get help all day. I changed the email and name and it still shows this error and I don’t know what to do and I’m frustrated using zaps….


The same error in the screenshot is what keeps showing. As well as, I do have one zap that is connected from Shopify to Kajabi however when creating the revoke access it shows this error. I created a canceled order through Shopify and it’s not working…


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Hi @LMV!

The tricky thing about Kajabi is that (as far as I know) the external user ID is not necessarily the email address, especially if it wasn’t created via Zapier:


The Kajabi integration doesn’t have a Find Customer action, so you’d need to track these external user IDs in some other place, where you can reference them (maybe something like Airtable).

It’s also possible that the user from whom you’re trying to revoke the offer happens to not have access to it (happens with sample data sometimes).

Hope that helps!