Google Ads Lead to Email - some fields are missing

  • 8 April 2024
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I send myself the completed form from Google Ads via GMail to the customer's inbox. 
Unfortunately, only the fixed fields from Google (first name, surname and email) are included in the dispatch email. But not the questions about arrival and departure. Where could the error lie?

6 replies

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Hi @hanspeda 

Help article to reference for guidance:


If you still need help, post screenshots with how your step are outlined and configured.

hello - it does not work
I only get the information about the campaigns or name and email from Google Ads in Zapier
see screenshots

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After testing in FB, click the button [Find New Records].

Make sure to fill out all the fields.


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Hi @hanspeda! 👋

Were you able to get the missing fields appearing following Troy’s suggestions here?

Eager to ensure you’re all set here so please let us know whether you’re still stuck at all! 



I am experiencing the same issue. When I do the Zapier test, I can only see Name, Email & Phone Number.

We have one other field on the Google Ads Lead Form that isn’t showing up. It’s a multiple choice select field.


Anyone know how to fix?

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Hi @gunz,

Could you please confirm if the fields you need are custom fields? If they are, it seems like custom fields cannot be retrieved in the sample data.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!