Data is not being sent to Basecamp's "Notify to" field

  • 22 September 2022
  • 3 replies

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I still get stuck with Data flow 5, no data have been seen in “Notify to” field in Basecamp.

Really appreciate any help on this issue.

Many thanks!


3 replies

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Hi @AnnaNg 

In order to notify or assign people you need to specify the person’s ID in the zapier. For that to work, you can utilize a Formatter>Lookup table and write down all the people’s IDs from Freshdesk and their corresponding ID’s from basecamp, that way you can map the person-to-person connection.

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Hey @AnnaNg just wanted to check-in! Were you able to get things sorted out here by using a Lookup table? Let us know - we want to make sure you’re able to get to your desired outcome!

Hi @jesse what I did was making more action of “Find a person” in the Zap. “Assign to“ field works well, but “ Notify to” still in lack of data.