ConvertKit error: Failed to subscribe to tag in ConvertKit, error from halted execution, unexpected status code 400

  • 9 September 2022
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I’m trying to create a zap as follows:


Person comments on my blog and leaves their email address

Their first name, email address, and a tag gets added to Convertkit


I keep getting an error when trying to set up this zap. I can’t figure out what’s not working. 

Really appreciate the help!




4 replies

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Hi @MomInRed 

Good question.

The data being used to test is not a valid email address.


Thank you! I suspected this, but I don’t see “email address” as an option to choose… Hmmm. How do I fix this?


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If no email variable is available to use, but if you know the Author ID, then you can get the email address by creating a Lookup Table:

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Hey there, @MomInRed! I wanted to pop in and see if you were able to get this rolling with some of Troy’s tips? 

Here’s another resource on Lookup Tables if that helps!

Keep us posted! 🤗