Can't send an invoice from Xero; invoice id is not valid

  • 3 October 2023
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Hi there,


I’m trying to send an invoice that I’ve just created using Xero. I’ve created it successfully, but when I test the Send Sales Invoice By Email In Xero step I get this error message “A validation exception occurred, Invoice id <INV-3416> is not valid”. I get this error whether I hard code the invoice number or look it up from the previous step where I created it. 

The invoice definitely exists; I just created it, I see it in Xero and I did a test Find Invoice In Xero step just before the email one and it finds it no problem. 

The Send Sales Invoice By Email In Xero step does say “To email an invoice, it must have a status of Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment or Paid.” and this is the case. The status in Xero of this invoice is very clearly “Awaiting Payment”.

The Send Sales Invoice By Email In Xero step does let me select specific invoices that it has found, but this only shows me what appears to be the oldest 100 or so invoices, which look like they’re all paid. 

I’ve even managed to send it by manually finding the invoice in Xero and triggering it there. Its just automating it through Zapier that’s eluding me. 


Does anyone have any idea why this invoice wouldn’t be valid? As far as I can see, the only valid invoices that I could send are these really old ones, which defeats the point. I want to create an invoice and then send it to the customer. 


Alternatively, does anyone have any good ideas for a workaround? I can’t see a way to download the invoice and then send it via attachment or something else. 



4 replies

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Hi @How do i do this thing 

Good question.

To help us have proper context, please post screenshots of these:

  • How your Zap steps are configured
  • The encountered error

Hey @How do i do this thing I found it!

I had the same issue, but I have it working now.

On “Send Sales Invoice By Email in Xero”, the *required* field that is named “Invoice Number” is named incorrectly.

It actually needs your “Invoice ID” which is about 25 characters long. Change your input to this and it will work for you!




How do you change the input to the Invoice ID?


Doing this manually will defeat the purpose of the integration.

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HI @JakeDunnell 

Might be best to post your own topic so it gets proper attention and include screenshots for context.