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Can't change Microsoft account linked to Zapier ChatGPT integration

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Hello everyone,

I need assistance with changing the Microsoft account associated with my Zapier integration for ChatGPT. Currently, I have a Zap set up from Microsoft 365 to ChatGPT, but I want to switch it to a different Microsoft account. However, I am encountering some difficulties in doing so.

Here is what I have tried so far:

  1. I attempted to delete the connection to Microsoft 365 within Zapier. However, when I recreate the connection, it automatically links to the same Microsoft account I used previously, without giving me the option to choose a different account.
  2. I also tried selecting a different account within the Zap, but it consistently authorizes the previous account without providing me the opportunity to enter different credentials.
  3. Additionally, I deleted the account from the App connections page, but this did not resolve the issue.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or ideas you may have on how to resolve this situation. Thank you in advance for your help!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 9 July 2023, 18:37

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Hi @Nicky 

Good question.

Try using a new/different private browser.

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Worked! Thanks a lot.

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Hi @Nicky,

That’s fantastic news! Thanks for letting us know, and I’m glad Troy was able to point you in the right direction.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help!