Creating a new Zap just got a whole lot easier

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Creating a new Zap just got a whole lot easier

As it stands now, you can always go to and you’ll start the Zap creation process. And yes, you can bookmark that link rather than typing it each time. What if I told you that by typing a mere 7 characters you could create a new Zap?

If you’re a frequent user of web apps (which if you’re reading this, you likely are), there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered this type of URL before. Lots of other apps and services allow you to create a new story/design/slide/sheet/etc by visiting a domain that ends with .new.

Well now you can create a new Zap by going to Pretty neat huh? 

What types of things would you like to see added to Maybe the ability to type something like in order to create a Zap that has the MailChimp trigger and Google Sheets action automatically added? I know that would make my life a little easier :)


Add a Zap (with Trigger & Actions):[trigger]/[action]/[action]

Copy a Zap:[ZAP_ID]

Move a Zap:[FOLDER_ID]


Export JSON:[ZAP_ID].json

Export JSON for all Zaps:[COMPANY_ID]/data.json

wait, are we just building a Zapier API at this point?