Zap timezones can now be changed!

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Zap timezones can now be changed!

Sometimes, you need your Zaps to respect other timezones outside of the timezone you've set for your account.

A little history 

  1. Zaps used the account owner's timezone when running / calculating times because there was only ever one user who could edit the Zap.
  2. We introduced Team accounts, which allowed multiple users to collaborate on Zaps 
  3. It then was unclear which timezone a Zap uses as we gave no indication of this. This becomes a bit confusing when multiple users from multiple timezones edit a Zap.

We've now added help text below the time field to indicate the Zap's timezone when editing.

The Zap's timezone can be changed

Classic Editor

Beta Editor

Your Task History now shows the Zap's timezone

Check it out and let us know what you think!