Introducing Zapier for Companies

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Introducing Zapier for Companies

Hello everyone,

Fred here, from the Product Marketing team. I thought you might be interested in our latest release! We just launched a Company plan on Zapier that lets you capture all your team member under the same account and gives you more ways to customize security settings, data retention, approved apps, and more.

With a Company account, you have a set of options that you can enable depending on your needs:

  • SAML Single Sign On to sign in to Zapier using your company’s identity provider.
  • Access Control for Apps to pick and choose which apps your team members can connect to Zapier.
  • Custom Data Retention settings, where you can restrict how long your task history is retained.
  • Account Capture so you can see all of your team members who signed up on their own under your corporate account.
  • User Provisioning to help you easily manage Zapier access for your team members.
  • Teams to create and manage multiple teams with their own folders in one single account.

The Company plan starts at $600 per month and includes unlimited Zaps, unlimited team members, and up to 100,000 tasks per month. You can learn more here:

We’ll be adding more features in the coming months, so if you have any feedback I would love to hear from you.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Have a wonderful day 😊